About BOG

No one is safe from disruption.

Netflix is scaring BIG media into consolidation. Hundreds of craft breweries are chipping away at AB InBev’s dominance. Driverless cars are threatening the jobs of millions of truckers.

Among this chaos, The Battle of Giants exists to answer one important question:

Is a company’s latest strategy the most effective way to grow?

We do this by investigating the core problem a strategy addresses, by comparing alternatives, and by evaluating execution risks. Using data and lessons from history. Our research focuses on mass market retail, big media, and transportation. All industries undergoing major disruptions.

BOG is fully independent. We are not backed by any corporate entity. We also don’t have deadlines. This allows us to spend the right amount of time performing in-depth, objective, and data-backed investigations.

Our goal is to be a thought partner to investors and corporate leaders. To help think outside the box.

What do we not investigate?

  • What’s happening? Bloomberg, The Economist and Washington Post are great newspapers.
  • How will this affect a company’s stock price? Various equity research organizations can offer these predictions.
  • How should my organization respond? You and your team know best.